Why not Elope?

Maybe you'd like to forego a traditional wedding and just get married simply and privately.  I've teamed up with a respected local photographer (the fabulous Kim Clune, you can see more of her work at kimclune.com) to offer an elopement-and-photography package that takes care of the most important aspects of your low-key wedding simply and affordably.  We call it our "Simply Unforgettable Elopement Package."  The cost is $800 and includes:

  • performing a legally valid wedding
  • location of your choice (within 50 miles of Albany, or price to be negotiated)
  • weekday ceremony (weekend ceremony increases price to $1000)
  • filing of marriage certificate
  • 2 hours of time for ceremony, paperwork, and photography
  • access to digital files of photographs taken

Please contact me and mention the "Simply Unforgettable Elopement Package" to discuss your options!