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Most Couples don't know where to begin when it comes to planning their wedding ceremony.  

Fifty years ago, you got married in a church, synagogue, or by a Judge or Justice of the Peace. 

Now you can get married by anyone you want, almost anywhere you want!


But if you need some help creating your personalized wedding ceremony, look no further!  

I can offer as little or as much help with planning and writing your ceremony as you need.  

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Ceremony Coaching or

Ceremony Script Feedback

If you, or your friend or family member, are performing a wedding for the first time, have no fear!  

I offer a 45-minute coaching call to provide advice, tips, and important things to keep in mind as you perform a wedding.  I'll also provide several helpful resources and will be available for additional questions.

OR, if you're feeling good about performing a wedding, but want someone to read over the ceremony you've written and provide feedback & critique, I can do that, too.

Service Cost for each:  $100

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Ceremony Planning

So you've never planned a wedding ceremony before, 

and you don't know where to start or what to include. 

You could spend hours on the internet trying to figure it out, 

or you could get it done with me in under an hour!


We'll schedule a 45 minute planning call and I'll highlight everything you need to know.  We'll walk through a "ceremony cheat sheet" of options and I'll help you choose the ones that fit you best. You'll also get a "ceremony diagram" to help organize the rehearsal.

Service Cost: $300

writing, wedding ceremony, script writing

Ceremony Writing

You want a wedding ceremony that's personal and unique, but you're overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.  The thought of writing the entire ceremony is daunting and you just want someone to take it off your plate.  I'll do just that!  

I'll get to know you as a couple and your ideas for the ceremony through a few questionnaires, we'll schedule two 45-minute calls to make decisions about what you want to include, and I'll write your ceremony script and get it to you in plenty of time for your wedding! Problem solved!

Service Cost:  $600

wedding vows, personal vows, write your vows

Personal Vows Consultation

The idea of writing your own wedding vows sounded great, but now that you're staring at a blank piece of paper, you're stuck!  Why not call in an expert, who's helped dozens of couples relax and write wonderfully personal vows?  

I'll get to know you and your style, provide you with a curated selection of sample vows, and we'll schedule a 45-minute call for consultation and guidance


For an added fee, I'll review your & your partner's vows (while keeping them secret from each other) and provide feedback, allowing you to surprise them on your wedding day with what you've written!

Service Cost:  $300

$400 with review & feedback

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