So you've been asked to officiate a wedding, 

and you have NO IDEA where to start.

Start here. 

It's an honor.  You're flattered.  

They asked.  You said yes.

What the heck were you thinking?

It's their wedding.  The biggest day of their lives.

And all eyes are going to be on you.

You don't want to screw this up.



Ceremony Coach Claudia

Helping You Rock the Ceremony!


You've sat through lots of wedding ceremonies, 

but don't have a clue how to put one together! 

You could scour the internet trying to figure it out 

(and possibly find a load of contradictions!), 

or you could get it done in under an hour with me!

Ceremony Planning

Coach Claudia's Clients Have Said:

Better than Google! Claudia coached and advised me on how to perform a ceremony. I had no idea where to begin... Claudia is a wonderful teacher and coach and will encourage you to make the Ceremony ‘your own’ and remind you that have been given the honor to officiate a ceremony marrying two people…   it is truly incredible!

Anonymous, local DJ

You've never done this before!

Stand up and MARRY SOMEONE?!

Whether you're terrified or a seasoned performer,

you'll get the insider's guide to all the important things to remember from a pro with years of experience!

Ceremony Coaching 

More kudos:

The worksheet was very helpful, as was the tip to check about a wedding planner & rehearsal... this prompted me to schedule a rehearsal with just myself and the couple the morning of the wedding, and we walked through everything that would happen... I paid careful attention to the plan with the rings and vows (per your suggestion)... In the end, it all went off smoothly!

Laura K., first-time officiant

You liked the idea of writing your own vows , 

but now that you're staring at a blinking cursor, 

you've gone blank!

Call in an expert who's helped dozens of couples 

relax and write their own personal vows!

Personal Vow Coaching

Ceremony Coach Claudia

WILL help you ROCK the Ceremony!


Get in touch TODAY 

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photos courtesy of Caitlin Miller Photography, Andrew Franciosa Studio, and Kim Clune Photography