Why not Elope?

Maybe you'd like to forego a traditional wedding and just get married simply and privately.  I've teamed up with a team of respected local photographers to offer an elopement-and-photography package that takes care of the most important aspects of your low-key wedding simply and affordably.  We call it our "Simply Unforgettable Elopement Package."  The cost is $800 and includes:

  • performing a legally valid wedding
  • location of your choice (within 50 miles of Albany, or price to be negotiated)
  • weekday ceremony (weekend ceremony increases price to $1000)
  • filing of marriage certificate
  • 2 hours of time for ceremony, paperwork, and photography
  • access to digital files of photographs taken

Please fill out the "Simply Unforgettable Elopement Package"  brief form to start discussing  your options!

Chaplain Claudia Meyer,                    Nicole Nero, Nicole Nero Studio

 Wedding Officiant                                 nicolenero.com

Kimberly Britten,                                   Kim Clune,

Kimberly Nicole Studio                           Kim Clune Photography

kimberlynicolestudio.com                      kimclune.com