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Different Options to Tell Your Story...

Elopement or Vow Renewal Package

So you want to say "I do" in a simple but beautiful way, without all the busy-ness of a big wedding?  I'll offer you several simple but personal ceremonies to legally marry you (or renew your vows with your partner).  This works best with 20 or fewer guests in attendance, no "wedding party," and can take place almost anywhere you choose.  Package cost: $200  We'll discuss additional fees for a larger guest list, having a wedding party, or writing your own vows.  If you're looking for an officiant and a photographer for your elopement, check out my "Simply Unforgettable Elopement Package"

Personalized Wedding Ceremony Package

So you want a memorable wedding ceremony that marries tradition with modern elements? I'll guide you through the process of creating a ceremony that reflects your tastes and tells your unique story.  I'll handle the Wedding Rehearsal coordination, filing of legal paperwork, and provide you with a keepsake copy of your ceremony. Package pricing begins at $500.  We'll discuss additional fees for assistance with writing vows, inclusion of creative ritual, a large wedding party or guests list, or a location outside of tri-county (Albany/Schenectady/Rensselaer) area.

Other Ceremony Packages

So you're looking for a ceremony usually associated with a church, and you're "spiritual but not religious"? I'm honored to offer baby blessings, baptisms, and funeral services. I price these individually based on your needs and the requirements of the ceremony. Please contact me and we can talk about the possibilities!

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Chaplain Claudia Meyer

serving the Capital District, Hudson Valley, Saratoga, and Adirondack regions

What my clients are saying

Claudia is genuine. That's not something you can fake. 

When we met with her, it felt like we were meeting an old friend. 

We weren't just 'clients,' she really cared about our ceremony 

being special, and working with us... 

 Our only regret is that we can't get married again 

so we can hang out more.

 Claudia is a wonderful, compassionate, sincere person...

someone we truly adore as a human, 

not just the person who did our wedding.

Satisfied couple, now friends of Claudia's